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Basic Yoga is designed to challenge beginners and advanced beginners. The typical class will run 75 to 90 minutes . 

The Vinyasa class is intermediate level and designed for students with some experience.  One pose flows into the next increasing the heart rate and building stamina.  The Power Yoga is Based on the dynamic Baron Baptiste Vinyasa sequence. We heat the room to approximately 90 degrees for both classes. These classes will challenge all level students. Not recommended for new beginners.  

The class is a strong strong and meditative Yoga. We will use vinyasa sequences and explore more advanced poses. While you will be challenged physically you will call on your focus and inner strength in various inversions and arm balances. You will need some Yoga experience and familiarity with the basic poses and terminology. This class is not recommended for beginners. If you are ready to take your asana practice to another level Intermediate/Advanced Yoga is for you.


Gentle is for you if you think the Basic Class may be too vigorous.  If you are recovering from an injury or face any physical challenges the use of props and modifications will allow you to practice many of the hundreds of poses.  Whatever your age or current physical state, a yoga practice can exponentially improve your overall health. Moving your body, focusing your mind and opening your soul on the yoga mat transforms your life off the mat. Yoga’s many benefits include weight loss, stress management, breathing efficiency, awareness, bone strength, and improved posture just to name a few. This class runs 60 minutes.

Basic Yoga is designed to challenge beginners and advanced beginners. The typical class will run 75 to 90 minutes . We begin by centering and calming the mind and some gentle warm-ups. We then move to a practice called Sun Salutation, a series of 12 poses with one flowing into the next.The next part of the class will depend on the focus of the day. The typical class will move on to back bends, forward bends , some gentle twists and deep relaxation. We close with a focus on breathing and a brief meditation (time permitting). As in all of our classes, there is no competition and you are encouraged to move at your own pace. You will not be forced into any pose you are uncomfortable with.

The intermediate class is a more Vinyasa(Flowing Yoga) based class. This will be more physically challenging than the Basic class. We will use sun Salutations A and B. The format will be similar to the Basic class but will move faster. Some more advanced poses will be explored and will be held for a longer time. If you are not sure when to move up to this level, consult your instructor.




Class Description

This is a monthly workshop (dates vary..usually the 2nd 3rd and 4th Friday each month...see schedule at YOGASTORE on home page). The focus of the RESTORATIVE class will be to calm the mind thru the use of the gentle floor poses of Restorative Yoga, Pranayma (Breath Control), and deep relaxation...If you need a way to lose the stress this class is for you. Thru these techniques we will sooth the central nervous system, disabling the "fight or flight" mechanism, kicking in the "Relaxation Response". No prior Yoga experience is necessary and the class will be beneficial to students of all levels. .  DEEP RELAXATION/MEDITATION is an hour and fifteen minute class begins with 10 minutes of very gentle yoga stretching followed by a guided deep relaxation/Yoga nidra. We end with a guided meditation on the breath. Students should be able to sit and lie comfortably on the floor.PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED FOR THESE PROGRAMS!!!